Why Montessori: Articles under this column examines basic instructions and pedagogy that are fundamental to the theory and practice of Montessori.

The Child: This category focuses on children between 0 and 12 years and examines different topics related to infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers and elementary school children.

Parents: This category is specially designed for parents and discusses issues involving children and their upbringing, pregnancy, first time mums and dads (advice from a Montessori viewpoint), babysitting and all sorts of issues from a parent point of view.

Montessori Teacher: The Montessori teacher is important in the classroom. Therefore, this category focuses on teachers and discusses issues about their training, relationship with the child and professional practice.

The Montessori Environment: A prepared environment is crucial to the Montessori practice. This category examines topics on children and how the environment affects their development. Under this category, we discuss elements of a prepared environment and how to create one at home and school.

Montessori Materials Review: Under this column, we identify and select a particular material used in the classroom. The importance of the material to the Montessori environment is highlighted with guidelines or instructions on how to use such material.

Montessori Books Review: In every edition we explore different Montessori books that our readers can pick up to read to gain more insights about the theory and practice of Montessori. The sole aim of this column is stir up the desire to learn more about the subject after digesting the Neo-Montessori Life.

Children’s Health: Health awareness is important in today’s world and children should not be left out in the discourse. This column discusses various health issues such as nutrition, children’s physical, mental and emotional health etc. to raise awareness.

Children’s Safety and Security: Safety of children is important to every parent, therefore this category explores issues on the safety and security of children at home and school.

Special Features: Articles in this column showcase facilities and schools around the world that are adapting the Montessori principles in their local environment in a unique way. It offers readers the opportunity to learn from how Montessori is being practised elsewhere.

Spotlight: Neo-MontessoriLife features accomplished Montessorians and people who have made marks in their own field but have something to do with Montessori.  The person in spotlight shares from their experience and wealth of knowledge in a no-holds-barred interview with the NML team which will be later published for our readers.

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