Fabric-Pairing Game: How to teach textures of different fabrics at home

Shola, a six-month-old baby, lies in her crib made with a loopy bed sheet and a bulky blanket. Her mother dresses her ina fine linen dress and fuzzy sweater to make her warm, since it is a cold day. Shola’s mum places her lovely furry teddy and soft fabric doll by her side, patting and singing for her. Shola enjoys her nap as she rolls from the bed to the shaggy rug.

It’s quite interesting to know that the world of a child is full of different fascinating textures.  As young children explore their environment, they encounter different objects with all kinds of textures. The fascinating thing about this experience, is that they want to touch everything they see. Hence, they have a double picture of these numerous objects.


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