The Continent Globe

The Montessori continent globe is the next globe to introduce a child to after the sandpaper globe in the early Montessori Geography exercises. Once a child can complete the three-period lesson with a sandpaper globe, the child can move on to the continent globe presentation.

The continent globe is a round physical globe mounted and rotating on a wooden base at a 23° angle, (the same as the earth’s axis in relation to the sun). It is approximately 23cm high (about 9 inches) with about 17cm diameter (about 6.5 inches). Water is represented in blue colour while the continents are represented in a variety of colours. Green represents Africa, yellow for Asia, white is Antarctica, brown is Australia, red is Europe, pink is South America, and orange for North America. The colour-coded continents give the child a strong visual cue to identify the various continents.

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