Neo-Montessori Life

Neo-Montessori Life (NML) is the official magazine of Chelis Montessori Centre (CMC), a Montessori training and research Centre based in Lagos, Nigeria. It is published thrice a year and designed to increase the level of awareness of Montessori education and its practice in Africa by providing rich and authentic content that will educate, inspire and motivate parents, educators, administrators, teacher trainers and everyone who cares about preparing the child for life.

Each edition highlights major issues that affect the pedagogy and practice of Montessori at home and school and offers practical advice to resolve them. It also features interviews and thought-provoking reflections from stakeholders that catch the interest of our audience and form a basis for interaction and professional development.

Neo-Montessori Life is published quaterly in a year in print and digital format and is distributed in Nigeria and around the world.


Our vision is to be a credible and enduring voice for Montessori education in Nigeria and Africa as a whole by providing a full understanding of authentic and high quality Montessori education to educators and parents in Nigeria and Africa, always keeping the information current and constantly updated.

To get Montessori education to be well-understood, desired, recognised, accessible and included in formal and informal education in Nigeria and Africa to the benefit of the Nigerian and African children.

To effectively link Nigeria and Africa to the international Montessori education Community.

Mission Statement

We provide clear information and knowledge about Montessori education and its principles, resources, teacher-education and children’s education in Nigeria and in Africa.

We work with the international Montessori community to ensure the information we provide is current and constantly updated to ensure that Nigeria and Africa benefit from the many international scientific researches and updates carried out on Montessori education by different authentic agencies.

Core Values

Integrity – Conducting ourselves with honesty and responsibility;
Accountability – Demonstrating a personal and institutional accountability for ethical conduct, and adherence to mandates, policies, and procedures.
Passion – Making our determination, devotion and dedication to children’s education transparent in our work.
Innovation – Constantly challenging ourselves to keep updated, create unique and environmentally relevant ideas and solutions for our audience.
Respect and Service – Promoting an appreciation of education for life for children and dedicating ourselves to providing outstanding service to our readers.


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