Mrs Mobolaji Adams, Director of Queensfield Schools, Kaduna

‘Good education can never be quantified or measured by the amount paid.’’

Mrs Mobolaji Adams is an outstanding leader and visionary whose life and captivating vision of a better educational future has raised the bar on the quality of life and education of students in Kaduna and has set the pace for others to follow. She is the Director of Queensfield Schools, a group of schools which started out of a deep desire to replicate the standards of education seen in some advanced countries abroad in Nigeria. A brief chat with Mrs Adams reveals her deep motivation and passion for nurturing learners with strong character through quality and meaningful education.

In this exclusive interview with Neo-Montessori Life Editor, Afolabi Noamesi, she shares on her unique journey, family, career, the importance of quality education and the government’s role in it.

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