A Peek into Montessori Cosmic Education

Maria Montessori believed in a divine plan for the earth and the cosmos and that it is humanity’s duty to help in the manifestation of this plan. Cosmic education refers to the education that helps children to understand the interconnectedness and interdepence of everything that exists in their environment and the world. It helps the children to understand their role as one entrusted with the sustenance of the perceived harmony in all that exist and the one to evolve the world.

“They (children from zero to six) have already absorbed the immediate environment and the restricted society they and their families have dealings with. You must try to give the child what he now longs for: the understanding of the world, how it functions and how it affects the life and behaviour of humanity.” These are the words of Dr Maria Montessori from her book, To Educate the Human Potential. She considered the term ‘cosmic education’ as the work done in the elementary years. Just as Practical Life area is known as the cornerstone of all other areas of the Montessori Method, cosmic education is also a vital part of the Montessori philosophy.

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