By lynda ukueku

A child has learned not only to keep silent, but when he should be silent. He has not only learned the various kinds of greetings, but he has also learned which one to use with another child, with his mother or father, with a stranger, or with one who is old and respected. In other words, he must use according to time and circumstances the many things which he has learned perfectly.” - Maria Montessori

“Come on! Am I your mate? Can’t you greet?’’ Sounds familiar? Well, over here in Nigeria, if these questions were never directed at you, then you were brought up properly. Lol!

According to the dictionary, grace means elegance and beauty of form, movement or expression. On the other hand, courtesy is being polite and well-mannered.

The eighteenth century was a period where exhibiting good etiquettes and proper manners distinguished an individual as being from the upper-class society. The middle class and lower class made attempts to imitate their every move at the time. But now, times have changed, good etiquettes and proper manners are required from all categories of persons in the society. In order to adapt in today’s world, one has to learn the etiquettes of society.



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