“The precise way in which a child comes to mark the tempo of a musical beat without having been taught the divisions into three- fourths and four- fourths time is a proof of the sense education derived from musical rhythms.”                   – Maria Montessori.

One Monday morning, it was time for assembly and the National Anthem was being sung. Staff and pupils were singing in unison. Suddenly, a colleague, Mr Essien, screamed with excitement, “Oh my goodness! Wow! This is incredible!” Knowing full well that he was a ‘drama king,’ I turned casually to see why he screamed. He signalled to all the teaching staff to observe a particular pupil. Efe, a thirty-four-month old boy was tapping his laps to the exact beat of the anthem. Everyone watched in utter amazement at the wonder that was unfolding before them. Quickly, the director of the school gave him a drum and he beat it without missing a single beat! He was signed up into the school band immediately.

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