Is your child stressed?

Do children undergo stress? Being smaller in size and age in comparison to adults doesn’t exempt children from stress. We tend to view the world of children as happy and carefree. After all, kids don’t have jobs to keep or bills to pay, so what could they possibly have to worry about? As a matter of fact, this assumption and being limited in how to express and cope with stress makes it more devastating for children.

The causes of stress range from child to child, even within the same household. Major life changes like divorce, bereavement or death of a loved one, relocation or the birth of a new sibling can lead to stress in children. These changes can shake your child’s sense of security, leading to confusion and anxiety. Money and job concerns, family turmoil and parental agitation can lead to an overwhelming sense of powerlessness for children who may feel like helping, but don’t have the means to do so.

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