Montessori & I: A parent’s account

My son, Jamin Jebo Bature, is 3 years old and he attends a Montessori school in Gbagada, Lagos. Our journey with
Montessori began when Jamin was 22 months old. At that time I was looking for a preschool where he would be
allowed to work at his own pace. He was a very shy child. After combing through my neighborhood, we settled
for a Montessori school. He was placed in the toddler community (18 months – 3 years). After the first anxious week, Jamin absolutely bloomed. He was encouraged to do challenging work that interested him, and because he was in a mixed-age classroom, he enjoyed helping the younger children with their lessons, as well as tackling the work the older children were doing. Most importantly, he was allowed to stay at his work as long as long as he wanted.

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