Imagine that you have never seen a real orange and you do not know what it is. If you were to look at the picture
of an animated orange, what would you learn from that picture? Well, perhaps you could learn that it is yellow
and round in shape. But when you are given the real thing, you would learn that you can squeeze the orange
slightly; you can dig your nails in its skin and find a white layer underneath. You can cut it open and discover that
the inside has segments; that it is wet, sticky and sweet. You can squash the orange and listen to the sound it
makes—and of course, learn how it smells.


Richard Buckminster Fuller, world-renowned American engineer and architect who described Dr
Montessori as a genius and developed the geodesic dome (the only large dome that can be set directly
on the ground as a complete structure and the only practical kind of building that has no limiting
dimensions), once said: “I am not a genius. I’m just a tremendous bundle of experience.”

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