Nature refers to mother earth and the things on it such as plants, animals, humans and the non- living things. It provides one of the biggest driving forces of curiosity and exploration while offering rich sensorial experiences for children.  Montessori education draws a deep connection between nature and childhood development. The Method stresses immersion in nature because of its effects on the growth of the whole child. Nature enriches the life of children by supporting their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. After experiencing its wonder, they come to appreciate it and all that it has to offer.

Dr Montessori had a deep respect and reverence for nature. She believed that nature should be used to inspire children. She continually stated that Montessori teachers take the children out into nature as often as possible, rather than keeping them confined in the classroom. This is why natural materials are preferred in the prepared environment. Real wood, bamboo, metal, cotton and glass are preferred to synthetics or plastics.

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