Hajia (Dr) Hadiza Yusuf Baba, the proprietress of Intercontinental Schools, Kano.

My name is Hajia (Dr) Hadiza Yusuf Baba. I am the proprietress of Intercontinental Schools, Kano.

Early in my career, I worked in a secondary school in Kano. I noticed a lot of dysfunction in the school system and I wanted to fix them. Even though I was employed to teach Agricultural Science, I ended up teaching many subjects. I thought of running a school at that time but I didn’t have the capital. Then, when my first son, Abubakar, was in nursery school, I was dissatisfied with the way he was being taught. I combed through many schools in Kano but I couldn’t find the right one for him, so I pulled him out of school and decided to home-school him for a year. I did not want him to always be at home with me alone; I wanted him to socialise with other kids, so I thought of starting a school for him and have my neighbours and friends’ children attend. Finally, my husband and I agreed to open a school but we didn’t have enough capital, so we started the school in partnership with someone else. That was how we started Intercontinental School in 1997.

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